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Taking Control
Barbra Goode

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Motion Control Issues for a Tactical Response Robot
ROBART III is an advanced demonstration platform for non-lethal tactical response that extends the concepts of reflexive teleoperation into the realm of coordinated camera and weapons control. The robot’s ultrasonic and optical collision-avoidance sensors facilitate operation in unstructured and unexplored buildings with minimal operator oversight, allowing its deployment in law enforcement and urban warfare scenarios.
H.R. Everett

Industrial Linear Motors Combine Motion and Sensing Elements
Today’s industrial linear motors are versatile motion control elements that provide mechatronic technology for the machine building industry. Additional functionality, such as searching, feeling, pressing, and measuring, increases their usefulness and enables innovation at the system integration level.
Ronald Rohner and David Shiels

The Electrolytic Tilt Sensor
Electrolytic tilt sensors are inexpensive to buy and use, and offer good repeatability and reliability. Their sensitivity to both internal and external influences, however, makes them complex devices that should be understood before installation and operation.
William B. Powell and David Pheifer

A New Direction in Strain Gauge Technology
A method of creating strain-sensitive elements on the surface of application-driven stainless steel elements has led to a line of products that meet the requirements of both precision force-proportional measurement and force-proportional motion control input devices.
Jane Kamentser


Robart III, an experimental reflexive teleoperated robot, emulates some of the survival techniques that allow humans to sense problematical situations and either evade or confront them. It can circumnavigate obstacles in a complex path to its programmed destination, focus on an intruder, and, if necessary, fire simulated tranquilizer darts or plastic bullets at the invader. Robart’s navigational and surveillance sensor systems are described in the article. (Photo courtesy of H.R. Everett. Design by Howard G. Happ, Art Director, Sensors.)

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