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  • Brother, Can You Spare a Bulb? TQM, ISO-9000, and SDWT's: A Different Point of View
  • Gearbox Monitoring with Fault Signal Isolation
  • Three-Dimensional Measurement of Machine Tool Insert Geometry
  • Data Acquisition Choices: ISA or PCMCIA
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain Using Four Connecting Wires
  • Thermocouple Signal Conditioning Using Monolithic ICs
  • Flexural-Plate Waves for Sensors and Micropumps
  • Development of a PC-Based Data Acquisition System To Monitor a Solar Water-Heating Plant
  • NOVEMBER 1994
  • The Technically Savvy Shopper's Guide to Sensor-Based Consumer Products
  • Smart Structural Monitoring: A New Technology
  • Weighing a Vessel with Unequally Rated Load Cells
  • Optical Position Sensing with Duolateral Photoeffect Diodes
  • A Dual-Axis, Resolver-Based Encoder
  • A Sensor for Game Fishing
  • Protecting Disk Drives with a Smart Shock Sensor
  • Using a Pulse Width Modulated Output with Semiconductor Pressure Sensors
  • OCTOBER 1994
  • Toward a Single Internation Fieldbus
  • Chilled Mirror Dew Point Sensor Optics
  • Computerized Mass-Flow Leak Testing
  • Understanding and Applying IR Temperature Sensors
  • Turbine Flowmeters for Liquids and Gases
  • Unreliable Sensors and Premature Failures: Check for Ground-Loop Problems
  • Climate Control Sensors at Work: The Sistine Chapel a Year Later
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Measurement: Theory and Application Note
  • A Commercial Parts per Billion Moisture Calibration and Measurement System
  • A New Wrinkle in Magnetoresistive Sensors
  • A PC Remote Sensor Monitoring System
  • SEPTEMBER 1994
  • Honoring a Sensor Pioneer: Janusz Bryzek
  • A Communications Standard for Low-Cost Sensors
  • Understanding Microvalve Technology
  • A Neuromorphic Sensor with Retinal Capabilites
  • GMR Materials: Theory and Applications
  • New Developments in F-O
  • Sensor Probe Design
  • Using Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate Environmental Threats
  • Machine Vision Software Right Off the Shelf
  • Polymer Film Arrays in Pyroelectric Applications
  • A Pyroelectric Detector Array Using a Custom IC Multiplexer
  • Measuring Magnetic Fields with Fluxgate Sensors
  • Filling in the Gaps: Interpolation of Sparse Time-History Data
  • AUGUST 1994
  • Infrared Temperature Measurement and Imaging
  • Design and Fabrication of a Commercial Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Tradeoffs in Silicon Accelerometer Design
  • Breaking New Ground in Machine Vision
  • Water Supply Purification by Nitrate Removal
  • IR Linescanning for Temperature Profile Measurement
  • Looking Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the Specifications of Data Acquisition Boards and Systems
  • JULY 1994
  • Enhancing Productivity, Performance, and Profits: How One Company Embraced Change and Prospered
  • Increasing Response Speed in Trace Moisture Measurements
  • New Diagnostics in Photoelectric Sensors
  • Transmitter EMI Reduction
  • Adjustable Background Suppression for Photoelectric Sensors
  • Automating the Testing of Aircraft Snubbers
  • Signal Conditioning for Smart Sensors and Transducers
  • JUNE 1994
  • Why is Everyone So Interested in Biosensors?
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition for Aircraft Ejection Seat Testing
  • Proximity Sensing for Die Protection
  • Designing Biosignal Monitoring Sensors
  • Enhancing Aircraft Flight Safety with Primary Ice Detection Sensors
  • A Fiber-Optic Combustion Pressure Sensor System for Automotive Engine Control
  • A Laser Distance Measurement Sensor for Industry and Robotics
  • Synchronizing a TDI Camera to an Image Processing System
  • MAY 1994
  • ISO 9000, TQM, and Six Sigma: What Does the Quality Movement Mean for the Sensors Industry, Part III
  • Fieldbus: A Digital Protocol for Field Devices
  • An Introduction to Piezoelectric Crystals
  • Applying the 4-20 mA Current-Loop Transmitter
  • A Guide to Noncontact Temperature Measurement
  • Verifying Motor-Operated Valve Performance
  • Simple Techniques that Protect Amplifiers from High-Voltage Inputs
  • APRIL 1994
  • ISO 9000, TQM, and Six Sigma: What Does the Quality Movement Mean for the Sensors Industry, Part II
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Theory and Applications
  • Magnetostriction-Based Linear Position Sensors
  • Real-Time Analysis of Earthquakes: Early-Warning Systems and Rapid Damage Assessment
  • Qualification Testing of Missile Stabilizing Instruments
  • A Fuel Tank Level Sensor with Digital Output
  • A Modular Absolute Encoder Based on a Linear Array Sensor
  • Wind Measurement by Thermal Field Variation Technique
  • Smart Navigational Sensors for Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Reliability Testing of Optoelectronic Sensors
  • The Constant Current Loop: A New Paradigm for Resistance Signal Conditioning
  • MARCH 1994
  • ISO 9000, TQM, and Six Sigma: What Does the Quality Movement Mean for the Sensors Industry, Part I
  • Smart Turbine Flowmeters for Aerospace ApplicationsStrain Gauged Pressure Diaphragms
  • Intelligent Sensor Fusion for a Mobile Security Robot
  • Pressure: Units of Measurement and References
  • A Next-Generation Miniature Pointing Device
  • Presence Sensors: Choosing the Right Output
  • Resolving Nanovolt to Milivolt Bridge Outputs with 16-bit and 20-bit ADCs
  • FEBRUARY 1994
  • How to Collaborate with Your Patent Attorney
  • Fundamentals of PC-Based Data Acquisition
  • Parallel Port Data Acquisition for Ease of Use, Improved Accuracy, and
  • Portability
  • Data Acquisition Peripherals and the Parallel Port: User-Friendly Portability
  • Applications for a Capacitive Accelerometer with Digital Output
  • An Autonomous Mobile Robot, a Planetary Microrover
  • Noncontact Presence Sensors for Industrial Environments
  • Ten-Year Article Index: 1984-1994
  • Ensuring Precise Sand Mixing, High Uptime in Automated Foundry Operations
  • A Microsensor to Measure Nanomolar Concentrations of Nitric Oxide
  • DC/DC Converters: Theory of Operation, Part II
  • JANUARY 1994
  • Ten Years of Sensors: Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • A Navigational System for Continuous Mining Machines
  • The Self-Renewing Thermocouple
  • DC/DC Converters: Theory of Operation, Part I
  • Applying Semiconductor Sensors to Bar Graph Pressure Gauges
  • Monitoring Oxidizer Temperatures to Ensure Rocket Engine Ignition

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