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  • The New Power of Patents
  • Reducing Noise in a Switched-Capacitor Low-Pass Filter
  • A New Detector for IR LED Light
  • Measuring Vehicle Ground Speed with a Radar Sensor
  • Silver-in-Glass Technology for Ruggedized Digital Encoders
  • Technotes Measuring Moisture in Liquids: A New Method
  • Internal Thread Inspection with Capacitive Sensors
  • NOVEMBER 1996
  • The Third Annual Savvy Shopper's Guide to Sensor-Based Consumer Products
  • Pressure Sensor Performance Specifications--Useful Benchamarks or Hype?
  • The Charge Transfer Sensor: Making Ordinary Objects Proximity Sensitive
  • Plug-and-Play Air Quality Monitoring System Enhances Environmental Science Curriculum
  • Preventing Overheating of Integrated Circuits in a Test and Measurement Instrument
  • Designing a Homemade Digital Output for Analog Voltage Output Sensors
  • OCTOBER 1996
  • Superconducting Sensors: Instruments and Applications
  • Sensing at the Speed of Light: Fiber-Optic Sensors
  • The Frequency-Modulated Laser Tank Guage: Designing a Practical System
  • Imaging with Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
  • Error Correction in Linear CCD Scanners
  • An Intelligent Gas Microsensor with Neural Network Technology
  • Bonded Foil Strain Cauge Force Transducers--Part 2: Performance
  • Understanding and Using PRTD Technology--Part 3: Calibration
  • New Position Sensors for Fluid Power and Other Control Applications
  • Moisture Measurement with Capacitive Polymer Humidity Sensors
  • Reducing Temperature-lnduced Errors
  • A New Rotary Position Sensor
  • Methods of Current Measurement
  • A Dual-Axis Monolithic Accelerometer
  • SEPTEMBER 1996
  • The Frequency-Modulated Laser tank Gauge: Designing a Practical System
  • Using Photoelectric Fiber-Optic Sensors to Detect Changes in Surface Reflectivity
  • Sampling Systems for the Dew Point Hygrometer
  • Understanding and Using PRTD Technology--Part 2: Selection
  • Sensors Expo Philadelphia 1996 Technical Conference Program
  • Bonded Foil Strain Gauge Transducers--Part 1: Materials and Designs
  • Thermistor Control of Engine Coolant Systems
  • Magmeter Measurement of Very Low Liquid Flows
  • AUGUST 1996
  • Why Call in A Systems Integrator?
  • Understanding and Using PRTD Technology--Part 1: History, Primciples, and Designs
  • Measuring Acceleration in Automotive Safety Systems
  • Sensors Expo 1996 Technical Conference Program
  • Monitoring Molten Aluminum with Laser Flow Sensors
  • Designing Test Equipment for Undersea Oil Exploration
  • Noncontact Measurement of Propane Tank Levels
  • Digital Gain Control with Simple Amplifier Topologies
  • JULY 1996
  • MEMS: A Closer Look (Part 2)
  • Improving Aerospace Machine Tool Accuracy Using a Laser Scale and Thermal Compensation Feedback
  • Applying Optical Scanners
  • Sensing Conveyor Motion in Industrial Environments
  • The Cycling Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometer
  • Safeguardng Electronic Position Sensors with Vacuum-Deposited Parylene Conformal Coating
  • An A/D Converter for Portable Measurement Applications
  • JUNE 1996
  • MEMS: A Closer Look (Part 1)
  • Solid-State Magnetic Gear Tooth Sensing
  • NTC Thermistor Update
  • An LVDT Primer
  • A Micromachined Interferometer for Dynamic High-Pressure Sensing
  • A Dynamically Compensated Smart Sensor System Part III: Implementation
  • Detecting Stress with an InSb Focal-Plane Array Sensor
  • Increasing Streamflood Measurement Accuracy
  • The IEEE-P1451 Transducer to Microprocessor Interface
  • MAY 1996
  • A Sonic Anemometer for General Meteorology
  • Accelerometers with On-Chip Signal Processing
  • A Dynamically Compensated Smart Sensor System Part II: The Design
  • CPU Thermal Management for Small Computers
  • Ultrasonic Sensing of Sedimentation and Creaming in Mixtures
  • The Basics of Isolation Circuits
  • APRIL 1996
  • Sensors on the World Wide Web
  • A Dynamically Compensated Smart Sensor System Part 1: The Evolution
  • Strategies for Increasing Measurement Accuracy: Reducing Noise in DA Systems
  • Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes in Automotive and Industrial Applications
  • Four Practical Pointers on Using an Incremental Encoder
  • Platinum Thin Films and Next-Generation Micromachined Sensors
  • A Glass-Based Capacitive Transducer
  • Magnetoresistors for Automotive Detection and Traffic Control
  • Getting Maximum Efficiency from a 4-20 mA Transducer Power Supply
  • A Fiber-Optic Sensor for Environmental Hydrocarbons
  • A Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor Based on Micromachined Accelerometers
  • MARCH 1996
  • Intelligent Pressure Measurement in Multiple Sensor Arrays
  • Sensors and the Tricorder
  • Increasing Photodiode Transimpedance Bandwidth and SNR with a Bootstrap Buffer
  • Sensors Expo Anaheim 96 Technical Conference Program
  • A Hall Effect Circuit for Low-Power Applications
  • Using Digital Algorithms in Signal Conditioning Circuitry
  • FEBRUARY 1996
  • Testing the Structural Integrity of the Boeing 777
  • Capacitive-Type Moisture Sensors: Setting the Record Straight
  • An Optical Sensor for Minute Displacement Measurements
  • PC-Based Data Acquisition
  • Sensor Solutions: A Rugged, Portable DA System for Field Use
  • Sensors and Systems: Analyzing Time and Frequency Domain Data in Real Time or Postprocess
  • JANUARY 1996
  • Science Education Begins at Home
  • High-Temperature Gas Measurement Using Acoustic Pyrometry
  • Monitoring Marine Life Using a Surface-Mountable Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • Very-Low-Pressure Smart Sensing with Serial Communications Interface
  • Inexpensive Computerized Temperature Recording for Multiple Seed Germinators
  • Electronic Dimensional Gauging in Hostile Environments
  • Replacing Elements of a Signal Chain with High-Resolution Sigma-Delta Converters

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