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  • Dig This Technology
  • Visualizing Temperature Data to Improve Surgical Warming Systems
  • Silicon Wafer Bonding: Key to MEMS High-Volume Manufacturing
  • A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing
  • The Role of Semiconductor Sensors in Automotive Power Train and Engine Control
  • Measure the True Mettle of a Structure with a Large-Scale System
  • NOVEMBER 1998
  • Award Sets Stage for More
  • A New Chapter in Encoder-Based Motion Control
  • IR Thermometers Now Help Manage Quality Control
  • Fundamentals of Pressure Sensor Technology
  • A Complete Guide to Data Sheets Part 3: New Directions and Sound Standards
  • Testing New Designs at 200 mph
  • Harness the Power of -delta and Switched-Capacitor Technologies in Signal Processing Components
  • OCTOBER 1998
  • Know Now
  • Advanced Methods of In-Line Flowmeter Calibration
  • Data Sheets Part 2: The Essential Parts of the Data Sheet
  • The Shear-Sensitive Liquid Crystal Coating Method
  • Next-Generation IR Gas Measurement
  • Calculating Calibration Constant K for Mechanical Flow Sensors
  • Creating Optimal Conditions for Hydrocarbon Remediation
  • Plumbing the Depths of the Long Beach Aquarium
  • Getting Control of the Process
  • SEPTEMBER 1998
  • Value Engineering: A Tool for Our Times
  • Automobile Emissions Test Benches: The Next Generation
  • Data Sheets, Part 1: The Four Types of Data Sheet and What They Mean
  • Sensor Applications for Magnetic Materials
  • Designing and Building an Eddy Current Position Sensor
  • Taking the Pain out of Machine Vision
  • Testing the "System on a Chip"
  • NASA Launches an Automated Data Acquisition System
  • A Velocity Sensor for Rotating Shafts
  • Enhancing Computer Game Joysticks with Smart Force Transducers
  • Choosing the Right Low-Pressure Sensor
  • A Thin, Flexible, Matrix-Based Pressure Sensor
  • Electric Motors and Mechanical Devices for Hobbyists and Engineers
  • Open Systems: Reality or Illusion?
  • AUGUST 1998
  • Increasing the Value of Your Data
  • IR Thermometry Gets Smart
  • Inductive Sensing for Velocity Measurement at a U.S. Air Force Laboratory
  • Understanding Fiber-Optic Cables and Connectors
  • Thermocouple Measurements in the Presence of High Common Mode Voltages
  • Developing a 3D IR Motion Tracking System to Monitor Auto Bodies During Transport
  • Defining Accuracy with ENOB
  • JULY 1998
  • Sensors, Sensors Everywhere
  • Making Smaller, Better Semiconductor Fabrication Tools
  • Climate Control of New Quarters for a Visitor from the Past
  • A Practical Review of Common Mode Voltages and Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Automating Pressure Calibration in a Metrology Laboratory
  • Using TCP/IP as an Instrument Interface Technical Conference Program
  • Building a Low-Cost Thermal Imaging System
  • JUNE 1998
  • When You Need More, Quickly
  • Verifiable Temperature Measurement for Steam Systems
  • A Mobile Test Stand for Aircraft Wheels and Brakes
  • Monitoring Vibration in a Steel Mill
  • The 1-Wire Weather Station
  • Temperature Measurement: Making Sense of It All
  • Using Coupled-Field Finite Elements to Characterize Piezoceramic Materials
  • Defining Data Accuracy
  • MAY 1998
  • A Measurement of Success
  • Using Hydrophobic Membranes to Protect Gas Sensors
  • Wiegand Effect Sensors: Theory and Applications
  • Interfacing Sensors and Signal Processing Components
  • The Helix Load Cell
  • Analyzing Air Bag Deployment for Safety
  • Working at High Speed: Multimegahertz 16-Bit A/D Conversion
  • The Basics of Triangulation Sensors
  • Creating a PWM Output Sensor Using a Field-Programmable Analog Array
  • Multifunctional Sensors: A New Concept
  • Entering the Age of Smart Distributed I/O
  • APRIL 1998
  • Internet Enabled
  • Planning a PC-Based Machine Vision System
  • The Sum and Substance of Color in Machine Vision
  • Infrared Machine Vision-a New Contender
  • Enabling the Design and Use of MEMS Sensors
  • Voltage-to-Current Conversion of a Pressure Sensor
  • Microswitches for Microwave and other Applications
  • Dry Air and Noncorrosive Gases Only! (Are Silicon Pressure Sensors Really that Finicky?)
  • The Evolution of Proximity, Displacement, and Position Sensing
  • Growing with Wireless
  • MARCH 1998
  • Here and Nowhere Else
  • Using CAE Software to Build a New Position Sensor
  • A Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensor for Internal Combustion Engines
  • A Smart Sensor Bus for Data Acquisition
  • Low Duty Cycle Operation of Hall Effect Sensors for Circuit Power Conservation
  • The Changing Role of Software
  • FEBRUARY 1998
  • An Emphasis on Systems
  • Ultrasonic Sensing of Composite Materials During the Heat-Cure Cycle
  • Using ActiveX to Share Data Among Applications
  • Using an FPAA to Design Multiple-Pole Filters for Low-g Sensing
  • Magnetic Sensors and Timing Applications
  • Implementing an Embedded Mouse
  • A Ten-Decade Logarithmic Current-to-Voltage Converter
  • Elastomeric Connectors in a New Role
  • Data Loggers: The Next Generation
  • JANUARY 1998
  • Vol. 15 No. 1
  • Charge-Coupled Device Image Sensors
  • Determining the Kinematics of the Mars Pathfinder Lander from Accelerometer Data
  • Temperature Compensating an Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • Using Computational Fluid Dynamics for Reduced Drag on a Temperature Sensor
  • Performing Data Acquisition over the Internet

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